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AGI/FAI Theorist for Hire

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Some rationality tweets

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Pseudolikelihood as a source of cognitive bias

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Shock Levels are Point Estimates

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Philadelphia LessWrong Meetup, December 16th

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The Domain of Your Utility Function

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Epistemic vs. Instrumental Rationality: Approximations

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I'm really excited about software similar to Anki, but with task-specialized user interfaces (vs. self-graded tasks) and better task-selection models (incorporating something like item response theory), ideally to be used for both training and credentialing.

No hypothesis is a prefix of another hypothesis.

Shannon is a network hub. I spent some time at her previous house and made a lot of connections, including my current partners.

What happens when an antineutron interacts with a proton?

> I now realise you might be asking "how does this demonstrate hyperbolic, as opposed to exponential, discounting", which might be a valid point, but hyperbolic discounting does lead to discounting the future too heavily, so the player's choices do sort of make sense.

That is what I was wondering. ...(read more)

Another player with Hyperbolic Discounting went further: he treated cities, any city near him, while carrying 5 red city cards in his hand and pointing out, in response to entreaties to cure red, that red wasn't much of an issue right now.

How does this demonstrate hyperbolic discounting?

What's special about a mosquito is that it drinks blood.

Phil originally said this:

> My point was that vampires were by definition not real - or at least, not understandable - because any time we found something real and understandable that met the definition of a vampire, we would change the def...(read more)

I understand that Phil was not suggesting that all non-real things are vampires. That's why my example was a mosquito that isn't real, rather than, say, a Toyota that isn't real.

My point was that vampires were by definition not real

So according to you, a mosquito that isn't real is a vampire?

My fencing coach emphasizes modeling your opponent more accurately and setting up situations where you control when stuff happens. Both of these skills can substitute somewhat for having faster reflexes.