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TV's "Elementary" Tackles Friendly AI and X-Risk - "Bella" (Possible Spoilers)

2 min read
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[Link, Humor] The Best Christmas Ever

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[Link] The Typical Mind Fallacy, Illustrated

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Necessary, But Not Sufficient

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Improving The Akrasia Hypothesis

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The Dirt on Depression

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The Physiology of Willpower

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Rationality Quotes - June 2009

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Spock's Dirty Little Secret

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I think that using the word "valuing" adds back in confusion that this trichotomy is trying to remove. Wanting is the axis of urgency to act or not act, liking is the axis of feeling enjoyment or suffering, and approving is the axis of feeling morally elevated or disgusted. These are independent a...(read more)

Huh. Looks like the author decided to raise the price and sell it exclusively on their own site. Kind of a pity, since it means dramatically fewer people will even know it exists. Anyway, it's Embrace The Unlovable, by Amyra Mah.

> Gendlin seems to think that anything not in the conscious mind is somehow stored/processed out there in the muscles and bones

That's an uncharitable reading of a metaphorical version of the [Somatic Marker Hypothesis]( Which in turn is jus...(read more)

Bob has replaced a concrete goal (live in France) with a vague abstract one (be cool?). Near motivation trumps far, every time.

Sally assumed that "procrastination" is *one* thing, rather than a wide variety of things we lump under one name.

(Even though an identity element is implied by the pres...(read more)

I only heard about it after it was turned off, and spent my time since wondering if the news stories about the feature were the prank. (That is, that it didn't actually happen and Google merely announced they were turning off a feature that never existed... a kind of meta-prank as it were.)

Your map is of Melbourne, Florida, rather than Melbourne, Australia. As a result, the site sent out notices to people in Florida, but (presumably) not people in Australia. I'm not sure what you need to do to correct that.

> I don’t think these stages are currently accepted anymore as they are seen to be too rigid.

"Stages" was probably never the right word in the first place: they're more like *strategies* we use to avoid acknowledging unpleasant truths, and therefore have no required order or progression between th...(read more)

Searching for "Hamming circle" yields only information about hamming codes. Do you have a link?

Use Goal-factoring and Hemming circle's. Basic rationality techniques.

I've at least heard of goal-factoring. What is/are "Hemming circle's"? Google only turns up articles about sewing.

> Given how you were talking about pains, it seems to be a noticeable issue for you

Yes -- it happens a few times a week, depending on circumstances.

Your advice would totally make sense if the baseline issue were that I'm not consuming enough water. But on a baseline day I consume between 1 and ...(read more)