[Link] The Typical Mind Fallacy, Illustrated

by pjeby1 min read2nd Sep 20113 comments


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If you've ever wanted a quick way to explain the Typical Mind Fallacy, this cartoon by Winston Rowntree will do the trick nicely.

(Panel 3 seems of particular relevance to LessWrongians, and the last two panels also remind me of Hufflepuff/Slytherin themes in HP:MOR.)


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The whole strip/series is a goldmine. It seems full of Less Wrong ideas. Or maybe I'm starting to see "Less Wrong ideas" everywhere as I assemble a worldview for myself out of Less Wrong.

In any case it's really good literature.

In general I've found the series far too preachy and obsessed with the idea of cynical egalitarianism. It... is irksome.

I wouldn't want to read it all in one sitting, but individually I think each strip is pretty clever.