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The Zettelkasten Method

What makes a long term solution for notetaking for you?

The founders have said the usual right things about people owning their own data and that they will only ever raise revenue by fee-for-service, not selling ads or data, but I don't know if there's anything legally binding to that.

JSON export already exists, although it is only so useful when there's nothing to read it in.

The thing I'm actually most concerned about right now is privacy; there are unfixed vulnerabilities if you share some but not all of your pages.

Criticism as Entertainment

I'm torn here because I do think you can learn a lot (correct or incorrect) from fiction and we could have a really interesting discussion on that, but I also feel like there's an implicit query that is reading something into this post that I didn't intend.

Criticism as Entertainment

I'm not sure why the medium matters. Do you think video games and movies are structurally different on a relevant axis?

How has the cost of clothing insulation changed since 1970 in the USA?
The great thing about wool shirts is that you can wear them for almost a week and they won't stink;

Why is this? I'm perplexed at how long my wool socks last.

Gears vs Behavior

I didn't read this when it came out because I thought I already understood the concept, but recently I wanted to be able to explain it to others and found it very helpful.

Circling as Cousin to Rationality

I can't speak for Vaniver or Circling, but I've participated in related practice T-Group, and what they said there is:

This isn't supposed to be how you communicate every day, any more than Tai Chi is supposed to be how you walk every day. But if you practice the weird, specific movements of Tai Chi, you will find yourself with more options and fewer problems when you move in your everyday life, and that is helpful. Similarly, T-Group (and I assume Circling) uses weird social/verbal muscles to give you the ability to do different things in your relationships, but that doesn't mean you are non-consensually T-Grouping people all the time.

Note that this doesn't apply to NVC, which I have the impression is meant to be direct practice for handling conflicts.

Less Wrong Poetry Corner: Walter Raleigh's "The Lie"

One thing I see: "Raleigh was arrested on 19 July 1603, charged with treason for his involvement in the Main Plot against Elizabeth's successor, James I, and imprisoned in the Tower of London"

Programmers Should Plan For Lower Pay

I didn't mean to suggest that there were no benefits to co-location, merely that I don't understand how those benefits would scale up with total number of employees at a company.

Programmers Should Plan For Lower Pay

Assuming you hold the number of timezones constant, what is the difference between dozens of offices and tens of thousands of offices? Or rather, under what circumstances are those very different?

To give one scenario where I don't think it is different: if all of your contact is with workers outside your office, it doesn't seem to matter if you drive into that office or call them from home.

Programmers Should Plan For Lower Pay
maybe there’s some different dynamic that makes remote work less advantageous when an organization size is in the 10,000+ range

I would expect the opposite. When you have 10k employees, it is physically impossible to have all of them receive the benefits of co-location to everyone else. It's also more expensive to co-locate 10k employees with each other than two, even though most of the "co-located" employees are still functionally remote from each other.

I dug into this last year, and my conclusion was that either fully remote or fully co-located could work, and the real villain was hybridization.

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