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"Do or Do Not: There is No Try"

Like all short proverbs each word is doing a lot of work and you can completely flip the meaning by switching between reasonable definitions. 

I think "there is no try" often means "I want to gesture at this but am not going to make a real attempt" in sentences like "I'll try to get to the gym tomorrow" and "I'll try to work on my math homework tonight". 

"there is no try" means "I am going to make an attempt at this but it's not guaranteed to succeed" in sentences like "I'm going to try to bench 400 tomorrow", "I'm trying to solve the Birch–Tate conjecture" and "I'll try flipping the circuit breaker and see if that helps"

The latter is actively good epistemics and agentiness and we shouldn't invoke a weapon aimed at "yeah I'll get to the gym eventually" on them.

OOOOH it's maybe encapsulated in "I'll try to do action" vs "I'm trying this action"

I have a new project for which I actively don't want funding for myself: it's too new and unformed to withstand the pressure to produce results for specific questions by specific times*. But if it pans out in ways other people value I wouldn't mind retroactive payment. This seems like a good fit for impact certificates, which is a tech I vaguely want to support anyway.

Someone suggested that if I was going to do that I should mint and register the cert now, because that norm makes IC markets more informative, especially about the risk of very negative projects. This seems like a good argument but seems borked and I don't know of better options. Now this is requiring thought and the whole point was to not have to do that yet.

So I'm crowdsourcing. What are your thoughts on this? What are potential best practices I should support? Counter arguments?

*my psychology is such that there's no way around this that also guarantees speeding up the work. If someone wanted to fund the nice things for Elizabeth project I'd accept but no guarantee I would produce any faster. I *have* asked for funding for my collaborator and a TBD research assistant. 

I will definitely not be sharing the object level project in this thread.

I hurt my hand so if my replies look weird that's why.