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I have a fair few achievements in my life. Spelling some of those out would make me more identifiable than I would like to be at the moment. I enjoy my privacy -- would you be willing to DOX yourself on LessWrong as a <21 year old with no security and no guarantee of your safety?????! 


Yep! So keep commenting. I'd appreciate the upvotes. I will amend the post to state that I encourage and desire scrutiny!

Okay! Perhaps I need to prove what I'm saying slightly more. I've never been one to give much of a shit about other people's attention. I have plenty of shit to study & learn in my life. The main directive TBH of this post is to open myself up to others with similar experiences of prodigy, etc. and to hopefully get some tips, direction, motivation, resources that might be useful for me. Be this in the form of internship, experiences working for people, whatever. 

For obvious reasons, I'd quite like to not reveal who I am -- especially since I named the university I attend. I would hate to have someone come up to me around the RadCam.