Hi all,

If any LessWrongers with money, culture, etc. are bored with their lives and would like to trade culture, luck, money, privilege, etc. for some of my IQ I am more than happy to deliver.

My grandfather was born to a father in the RAF & a mother who was a chamber maid to a minor member of the Royal Family -- who never reached high school. My grandfather began reading the newspaper at the age of 3, and reading full length Victorian novels at the age of 6. My paternal grandmother, his wife, received a scholarship to study at Edinburgh University at the age of 15 as an Anglo-Indian woman in the 1940s but couldn't take up her place because her bipolar mother fell suicidal.

Rich people have high IQ -- my parents are too moral to want money. But they are stable and rational people who would have been rationalists and effective altruists had they been born today (as am I!).

On my mother's side the story is similar but not quite as impressive -- but they are extremely conscientious and have excellent personal qualities. My mother is an anomaly in her family (even given that both her parents have greater than 160 IQ) --  she is a genius in a great number of fields. She brought me up using the Socratic method to help me evolve as a thinker. When I was an infant, she talked to me like she would any other adult, or academic -- and when I asked questions she would elaborate until there was no more human knowledge to elaborate on.

My parents desired that I really learn things, and not just learn things by memorising things on the surface level. This, and my extreme trait conscientiousness, means that I am extremely bored at Oxford University -- as I have covered almost all of the content on my course up until graduate level online through MIT open courseware etc. 

I sat in on a lecture by one the co-editor of one of the top 3 philosophy journals, and they sat next to me after the lecture. We had a conversation, after which they asked which fellow I was a college at. 

I am working privately on research in a number of fields, but at the moment my priority is learning soft skills like socialisation with high IQ and high privilege individuals, and networking with them. Because Oxford is a brilliant place for that! But I need more intellectual stimulation.

I desire stretching, learning, and also at some point will need to find a fun, high paying job so I can stop doing bullshit and begin contributing to humanity's progress. 

Since I've been teaching myself undergraduate level topics since I was 11/12 years old, and I've always strived -- along the principle of my mother and father to not memorise bullshit I try never to be excessively GLUT-like. I am a living, breathing, intuition pump who has, a great deal of experience learning how to solve hard problems. I am also highly extroverted and also able to learn social skills very fast. My parents sent me to normal school and encouraged me to be social with people from a huge range of backgrounds.

I don't have as much money as I wish I had -- but I would love to help you make some more money now. I would like to make more money because it helps me focus more on my research and keeps my mental health good by allowing me to participate in sensible, skill-building activities without being limited by finances.

I am happy to have an interview -- as I present well and have excellent public speaking and communication skills, at the moment it will cost you significantly less to utilise my skills, as I'm an uncertain quantity, than it might cost you in the next 5 years. 

My format will be 'consulting' -- a process of first principles, Socratic deduction (but practical), Concept and Idea engineering, and using ideas of social technology to help you succeed. I am happy to counsel, advise, High IQ people who have very low social skills on the process of overcoming social incompetence. I am here to teach a skillset.

So if you think you could use my skillset, or I could assist you make lots more money, please PM me! 


Best wishes,

Political Persuasion

A.K.A. Nicholas



I will answer any interesting comments, but will delete any that go so far as to question the premise of my post. I am a good actor.


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Seeking mentorship: Good
Spending almost the entire post talking about your heritage instead of your qualifications: ??? what is this, A Song of Ice and Fire?


I have a fair few achievements in my life. Spelling some of those out would make me more identifiable than I would like to be at the moment. I enjoy my privacy -- would you be willing to DOX yourself on LessWrong as a <21 year old with no security and no guarantee of your safety?????! 


If what you say is true, then there's a lot of value to be gained by something like this post, but this is not the way to go about it, I think. A maybe better approach would be to write some things that people are interested in.

I will answer any interesting comments, but will delete any that go so far as to question the premise of my post. I am a good actor.


I'm downvoting because of this sentence. Obviously this is the sort of thing that should be open to questioning.

(Minor mod/developer note: users need 50 karma to delete comments on their own posts if the posts are personal-blog, more if the post is frontpage. This appears to be a new account so they won't be able to delete comments.)

Yep! So keep commenting. I'd appreciate the upvotes. I will amend the post to state that I encourage and desire scrutiny!

Okay! Perhaps I need to prove what I'm saying slightly more. I've never been one to give much of a shit about other people's attention. I have plenty of shit to study & learn in my life. The main directive TBH of this post is to open myself up to others with similar experiences of prodigy, etc. and to hopefully get some tips, direction, motivation, resources that might be useful for me. Be this in the form of internship, experiences working for people, whatever. 

For obvious reasons, I'd quite like to not reveal who I am -- especially since I named the university I attend. I would hate to have someone come up to me around the RadCam.