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Thank you for responding.

It's possible for your team to lose five points, thereby giving the other team five points.
If the other team loses five points, then you gain five points.
Why is it not possible for the other team to lose five points without anything else happening? Where does the asymmetry come from?

-25 -20 -5 0 20 25.
Why isn't it
-25 -20 -5 0 5 20 25?

  • (-25) lose points and other team gains points
  • (-20) other team gains points
  • (-5) lose points and other team gets nothing
  • (0) nobody gets anything
  • (20) gain points
  • (25) other team loses points and you gain points

Why no (+5)?

Maths is incomplete. Inconsistency isn't proven.

Is this wrong?

X is not a thing that can be other things

Y is not actually a thing that another thing can be

Why the "actually"?

I probably won't go to this.
I probably will go to the October 21st version. Is there some way I should formally communicate that?

Probably there should be a way to be more specific than "MAYBE".
I had to Google "RSVP".
Where should I complain these to?

I no longer think it makes sense to clam up when you can't figure out how you originally came around to the view which you now hold

Either you can say "I came to this conclusion at some point, and I trust myself", or you should abandon the belief.

You don't need to know how or why your brain happened to contain the belief; you just need to know your own justification for believing it now. If you can't sufficiently justify your belief to yourself (even through things like "My-memory-of-myself-from-a-few-minutes-ago thinks it's likely" or "First-order intuition thinks it's likely"), you should abandon it (unless you're bad at this, which is probably not the case for most people who might try it).

From my perspective, I just had an original thought. If there's any writing about something related, or if someone else has something to add or subtract, I would probably very much like to read it.

by far the best impact-to-community health ratio ever

What does this mean?

When I read "Extravert", I felt happy related to the uncommon spelling, which I also prefer.

Is this shared reality?

One-box only occurs in simulations, while two-box occurs in and out of simulations. 

If I one-box in simulations, then Omega puts $0 in the first box, and I can't one-box.

If I two-box in simulations, then Omega puts $100 in the first box, so I may be in a simulation or not.

One-boxing kills me, so I two-box.


Either I've made a mistake, or you have. Where is it?

Thank you for the comparison.

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