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What are good resources for gears models of joint health?

Stability training [evidence: not good because everyone disagrees what exactly this involves, but basically all physiotherapists are doing some form of stability training so it's obviously useful | overall you can pick a specific older technique and you will get solid evidence, but newer stuff might actually be better, but less tested]

I did a little quick searching for "knee stability training protocol" and.. found a few things that looked pretty obvious. Quads, hams, calves, etc. More or less what I'd expect. I don't suppose you have any secret sauce beyond that?

resistance training 2-3 times a week (the kind where you are in excruciating pain by the end, i.e. proper resistance training not aerobics masquerading as resistance training),

Ie, "train to failure"? If so, I was under the impression that training to failure is now considered less effective/useful.

(e.g. don't look for joint pain after trying a new style of movement, look for proxies in your blood).

I'm not an athlete, but what would the proxies be?

Is the length of the Covid-19 incubation period likely to be affected by whether you are vaccinated?

Thank you for the info dump.

Basically, my real theory is basically to follow my cravings, try to AVOID eating unless I CRAVE some food or drink (and eat half of how much I think I want, then get seconds after 10 minutes if I still wanna), use common sense (liberally sprinkled with evolutionary bullshit), copy the diets of people similar to me who seem successful, and cross my fingers.

This closely accords with my intuition, the only part I haven't been doing is the 10 min cool off for seconds. I'll add that.

Thank you. : )

The Apprentice Thread

[APPRENTICE] I'd like to learn more about investing and finance, to the extent that finance will help me understand investing. My goal in this is primarily being able to manage my own money/investments and ultimately to be able to reach financial independence so that I can work on effective/impactful causes and donate more. I've been reading more about cryptoassets lately, but don't have strong opinions yet about where is best to point my attention in this field.

[MENTOR] I'm a self-taught programmer who's done mostly web-programming (lot of Python, Django, some FE, some JS/node). I'm potentially available for some amount of mentoring in that area.

What are good resources for gears models of joint health?

This has good rather long and I'm out of time, but if you are interested - I could run through a diagnostic process for knee pain.

I haven't had a chance to digest this all, but I'd certainly be interested.

Is the length of the Covid-19 incubation period likely to be affected by whether you are vaccinated?

because even just 1 drink of alcohol wipes out a large percent of your immune cells for hours or days, and then your hematopoietic cells rebuild them at the cost of telomere shorting

Say waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

It's a bit unclear from your context: are you asserting this for everyone or primarily for people who are abusing alcohol?

I do have to say, I've always been pretty confused by the inconclusive evidence that drinking may have some positive health effects. Maybe I just tolerate alcohol less than average, but I've often felt like I was just dosing myself with poison based on one or two drinks and how bleeeech I would generally feel the next morning. There have been a number of times when I've felt like this might be a bad hedonic cost/benefit trade off, but there are a number of beers whose taste I like enough that I haven't really been tempted to just set a blanket no-booze policy.

In your judgement, is a blanket no-booze policy worth considering? (I'm a pretty infrequent drinker currently: a heavy drinking week might see three or four units; most weeks are zero units.)

What are good resources for gears models of joint health?

Can I clarify before I spend time writing a long answer - You are looking for a model that explains why you've now got pain in your foot (with a history of knee pain)?


I'm also looking to better understand my PF pain.

Poor posture = Pain.

I'd say I'm somewhat confused about this model, based on a reasonable amount of reading. Paul Ingraham, Todd Hargrove and Greg Lehman all point at a lot of clinical evidence that postural and structual models of pain aren't very explanatory, which I think can be 80% pithy sumerized by "there are lots of cases where people have pain in tissues that appear healthy and no pain in tissues that show visible, gross lesions and other damage." I've been working a health coach for the past few months who seems smart and well meaning -- they recommended I make some (reasonably subtle) gait adjustments to help externally rotate the femur while walking. I was quite skeptical of this theory, but I've come across the cue before (ie, to try to emphasize the outer edge of the foot more than the inner), and I've been good-faith trying it to see what happens. I'm about 60% confident that this gait alteration may be involved in the ideopathic footpain -- I've had PF pain flairups before, but never ran into this foot tendon/ligament issue.

Thank you for the resources, I'll definitely spend time with those.

Cryonics signup guide #1: Overview

One of the obvious resurrection routes is via digitizing frozen brains. My intuitive sense is that we're more likely to get the imaging and virtualization tech before we get the detailed nano-tech that could repair all the cells.

and unless quantum physics change (and thereby the laws of the universe), the damage done with current cryo technology is too big to allow resurrection.

You have a QM based proof that cryonics can't work? I'm sure we'd all be very interested to see the details.

What are some important insights you would give to a younger version of yourself?

[Keep] cutting your expenses and read about financial independence. Stop running at [bad] proxies for the thing you're interested in, and figure out how to run at the thing you're interested in. There's a voice in the back of your head that will always find something to complain about in every situation. [I now believe this is what Buddhism means by "unsatisfyingness"]. Sometimes the secret will be to recognize that the voice is constant and adjust your expectations accordingly. Other people are not there to entertain you, or fulfill you.

I likely could have saved two or more romantic and personal relationships if I'd be more accepting of the last two points.

Dangerous optimisation includes variance minimisation

Why do we believe that we have variables that nobody cares about?

Nobody believes this, however we don't have a way to express all the things we care about in math or code yet.

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