• o
  • tw
  • thr
  • four
  • ffive
  • ssssix
  • ssseven
  • eeeeight
  • nnnnnnine

At this point, if one is working in a digital medium where one maybe have a blissful disregard for line length, one may happily continue onwards to tttttttten up past.. errmm.. tttttttten x tttttttten and beyond. However, if writing for the printed page, we may be force into a sadly more parsimonious form:

up to and progressively beyond

Appendix on negative numbers

Negatives are most naturally treated in this system by simply reversing their positive representations, thus:

  • ruof
  • rht
  • wt

If o must be disambiguated from it's negation, positive o may be indicated as .o and negative as o.

The denotation of the null quantity is still a somewhat controversial topic, with many advocating for ., but a vocal minority are still strong proponents of:

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Pronunciation is left as an exercise to the reader

So then

 o/to = c