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I agree, it's hard to avoid making enemies. Even harmony-seeking people annoy others who have little interest in harmony. (I'm not talking about anything Confucian here.) Then again, it's better to make enemies with discretion, and not use it as an excuse for bad behaviour.


Other people—especially women—love me when I'm a cocky arrogant megalomaniac.

Maybe it just divides people? Average behaviour doesn't move the liking scale. Cocky arrogant megalomaniac behaviour makes the liking scale swing positive in some people, negative in others. And since you're in a cocky, arrogant mode, you only notice those who like you.

The airplane example illustrates it, too. I bet a good share of passengers thought, ‘what ****er is delaying the airplane now?’, whereas another share smiled about Gates' nerve.

If you get things done by making enemies, in the end you don't get much (good) done. Cf. many of the people you listed.

I'm leaving AI alignment – you better stay

Sounds good! I wish you luck in finding a good area. And I suggest another criterion: ‘3) I enjoy working in area X.’ – It's not strictly necessary. Some things you only start enjoying after you've been doing them for a while. But it certainly helps with the dawdling if you're more eager to work on X than to dawdle.

By the way, I've added another clarification to the paragraph above: ‘Perhaps trying to produce results by doing projects is fine. But then I should have done projects in one area and not jumped around the way I did. This way I would have built experience upon experience, rather than starting from scratch everytime.

Nuclear war is unlikely to cause human extinction

I appreciate the Bottom Line Up Front writing style. Not only overall, but also in each subsection. Thank you!

Sunzi's《Methods of War》- Introduction

A more common military term would be ‘terrain’. Not sure if that's consistent with the rest of the text.

Sunzi's《Methods of War》- Introduction

If the enemy is humble then be arrogant.

What are alternative translations? To me, humility is being aware of your weaknesses and the enemy's strengths, and preparing to overcome them. Arrogance is good if it means being cocky and aggressive and not intimidated. But it can easily by (mis-)understood as being unaware of your weaknesses and the enemy's strengths, and not preparing to overcome them because you think you're better. As Crash Davis says in Bull Durham: ‘Fear and arrogance.’ – One doesn't work without the other.

Preface to the sequence on iterated amplification

When I look at the bottom of https://www.lesswrong.com/s/EmDuGeRw749sD3GKd/p/6fMvGoyy3kgnonRNM, it says:

The next post in this sequence will be 'Security Amplification' by Paul Christiano, on Saturday 2nd Feb.

And when I look at the bottom of this article (https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/hjEaZgyQ2iprDhkg8/security-amplification), it says:

The next post in sequence will be released on Friday 8th Feb, and will be 'Meta-excution' by Paul Christiano.

Since the articles' text indicates that they're part of the sequence, one might think that they should be listed in the overview.

I might have had reasons to write the above based on the articles' contents, but I don't remember those.

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