This is the process I used for maintaining the Predicted AI alignment event/meeting calendar. I shared it with Linda Linsefors, since she wanted to create an AI Safety Google Calendar. And I think it might be useful for others, too, so I'm sharing it here.

I did the following every month for my calendar in list format. You'll need to adapt the process if you put the events in a Google Calendar.

  1. Check the websites of the entries on the calendar.

    • If something has changed, update the entry accordingly.
    • If the event has passed, add its website to the List of Things to Be Checked Again. Also, if it's a repeating event, project when it will happen next and add an entry for that to the calendar. In my LessWrong calendar, you can see this for the MIRI Summer Fellows Program, for example.
  2. Check the websites on the List of Things to Be Checked Again and add entries to the calendar if necessary. Here is my current list:

  3. Announce the update on my LessWrong shortform. (Apparently, this wasn't very effective, given that nobody asked me to continue maintaining the calendar. (Now someone did!) While I was working on AI safety, I found it useful just for myself, though.)

Anytime I noticed upcoming events on AI Safety-related newsletters etc., I also added them to the calendar.

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