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Eponymous Laws Part 3: Miscellaneous

The whole point of my life was to get to Cole's Law.

Eponymous Laws Part 2: Laws of Programming and Software Development

Changed it to your rule, thanks for catching this - I think I might have just miscopied it or something. 

Eponymous Laws Part I: Laws of the Internet

Maybe it wasn't clear from the title that this is part 1 (of 3)?  Maybe you could read what I wrote when I said "There are also a few that aren’t named after anyone, but are still in the same spirit as the eponymous laws so I included them."? Maybe this isn't that serious?

(edit - all good man, I appreciate the apology. I'll let you know when I post part 2, maybe that one will be good enough for you ;)

The Cult Deficit: Analysis and Speculation

interesting and very valid point, thanks for sharing

The Cult Deficit: Analysis and Speculation

definitely, I mentioned this in the results section. There also may be reasons why cults in the distant past are under-represented (not as many sources that would make for a good podcast); it's hard to know which bias is more significant.