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Whilst the LEDs are not around the corner, I think the Kr-Cl excimer lamps might already be good enough.

When we wrote the original post on this, it was not clear how quickly covid was spreading through the air, but I think it is now clear that covid can hang around for a long time (on the order of minutes or hours rather than seconds) and still infect people.

It seems that a power density of 0.25W/m^2 would probably be enough to sterilize air in 1-2 minutes, meaning that a 5m x 8m room would need a 10W source. Assuming 2% efficiency that 10W source needs 500W electrical, which is certainly possible and in the days of incandescent lights you would have had a few 100W bulbs anyway.

EDIT: Having looked into this a bit more, it seems that right now the low efficiency of excimer lamps is not a binding constraint because the legally allowed far-UVC exposure is so low.

"TLV exposure limit for 222 nm (23 mJ cm^−2)"

23 mJ per cm^2 per day is just 0.002 W/m^2 , so you really don't need much power until you hit legal limitations.


Sometimes one must cut the Gordian Knot; there is a clear right answer here, some people are bozos and that is out of my control. It is not a good idea to try and empathize with bozos as you will end up doing all sorts of counterproductive things.

well they literally chose it.... maybe they are suicidal?

If you make the very weak assumption that some nonzero number of participants will choose blue (and you prefer to keep them alive)

There is also a moral dimension of not wanting to encourage perverse behaviour

This game has a stable, dominant NE with max reward, just use that

To be honest, I don't know if I'd have the guts to choose an 18% chance of death on the basis of spooky correlations.

Assuming that other humans choose outcomes like you do in games is a recipe for disaster; people are all over the place and as was shown by my poll they are more influenced by wording than by the logic of the game.

Playing against random humans, the correct choice is red in this game as it is the unique Trembling Hand Perfect Equilibrium as well as being a dominant strategy.

What steps could be taken to make that happen? Is anyone working on it?

It's been 2 years. Has there been much followup work on this?

I'm only asking because I have a biological human body and it keeps aging and I don't want to get old....

I think this doesn't make sense any more now that veganism is such a popular and influential movement that influences government policy and has huge control over culture.

But a slightly different version of this is that because there's no signalling value in a collective decision to impose welfare standards, it's very hard to turn into a political movement. So we may be looking at a heavily constrained system.

You're correct, that is a mistake. It's $6.50 per kg, I forgot to convert.

Yes, I didn't address that here. But I think anyone who is vegan for nonsignalling reasons is sort of mistaken.

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