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Since a few people have mentioned the Miller/Rootclaim debate:

My hourly rate is $200. I will accept a donation of $5000 to sit down and watch the entire Miller/Rootclaim debate (17 hours of video content plus various supporting materials) and write a 2000 word piece describing how I updated on it and why.

Anyone can feel free to message me if they want to go ahead and fund this.


Whilst the LEDs are not around the corner, I think the Kr-Cl excimer lamps might already be good enough.

When we wrote the original post on this, it was not clear how quickly covid was spreading through the air, but I think it is now clear that covid can hang around for a long time (on the order of minutes or hours rather than seconds) and still infect people.

It seems that a power density of 0.25W/m^2 would probably be enough to sterilize air in 1-2 minutes, meaning that a 5m x 8m room would need a 10W source. Assuming 2% efficiency that 10W source needs 500W electrical, which is certainly possible and in the days of incandescent lights you would have had a few 100W bulbs anyway.

EDIT: Having looked into this a bit more, it seems that right now the low efficiency of excimer lamps is not a binding constraint because the legally allowed far-UVC exposure is so low.

"TLV exposure limit for 222 nm (23 mJ cm^−2)"

23 mJ per cm^2 per day is just 0.002 W/m^2 , so you really don't need much power until you hit legal limitations.



I would hope that there is a plan to reconstitute FHI as an independent research organization


Is this a downstream consequence of the Nick Bostrom comments about race from the 1990s?


"willing to inflict large amounts of harm/suffering on others in pursuit of one's own interests/goals (in a way that can't be plausibly justified as justice or the like)"

Yes, obviously.

The vast majority of people would inflict huge amounts of disutility on others if they thought they could get away with it and benefitted from it.


Also does this have any theoretical model that backs it up?

E.g. take N agents with preferred world-states W1, ... Wn

Does this system emerge naturally?


Why shouldn't this apply recursively?

E.g. imagine that within each of the two major factions, there is a 48%/52% split. Doesn't that imply civil war within the factions?

If your faction lacks the veto-mechanism but the opposing faction has it doesn't that mean that the opposing faction is stronger than you because you have a debilitating civil war, but they don't?


Ability to go sleep... Sleep deprivation is one of the greatest effect sizes for IQ


Being alive is so much fun. Sleep is death, I don't want to sleep!


I not only feel censored, I am censored in the sense that my ability to speak is being taken away. The causality seems to be people downvoting --> negative karma --> algo prevents posting, but that's still censorship

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