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In Defense of Ayn Rand

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Taking my place in history - one of my first tasks as an intern at MIRI was to write some ruby scripts that dealt with some aspects of that donation. Not only did that experience land me my first programming job, but just realizing now that it was also the impetus that led me to grab more bitcoin (...(read more)

I'm feeling nostalgic. Is there any interest in having a monthly thread where we re-post links to old posts/comments from LW? Possibly scoped to that month in previous years? i.e, each comment would look like (2013) link brief description / thoughts or something. It's pretty easy to go back and lo...(read more)

This is the kind of content I've missed from LW in the past couple of years. Reminded me of something on old LW a while back that is a nice object level complement to this post. I saved it and look at it occasionally for inspiration (I don't really think it's a definitive list of 'things to do as a ...(read more)

For anyone interested in vipassana meditation, I would recommend checking out Shinzen Young. He takes a much more technical approach to the practice. This pdf by him is pretty good.

Oh my god if we can get this working with [org-mode]( and [habitrpg]( it will be the ultimate trifecta. And I've already got the first two ([here](

Seriously this could be amazing. Org-mode and habitrpg are great, but t...(read more)

> I've been surprised by people's ability to avert bad outcomes. Only two nuclear weapons have been used since nuclear weapons were developed, despite the fact that there are 10,000+ nuclear weapons around the world. Political leaders are assassinated very infrequently relative to how often one mig...(read more)

focus@will is pretty useful for me - I've never been into movie music, but the cinematic option was very inspiring for me. There is some science behind the project too.

For the GTD stuff, I use [emacs]( + [org-mode]( + .emacs based on [this configuration]( + [mobile org](

Since I try to work exclusively in emacs, I can quickly capture notes and "t...(read more)

Whether it is meant for entertainment or not I think the usefulness of these hypothetical scenarios (in the context of a community blog) is directly proportional to the precision of their construction.

I understand, and I do think you gave good advice (I love pg's writing).

On a related note, I just get a little worried when these threads come up. We like to hide behind computing jargon and Spock-like introspection; this *does* help with efficient communication, but probably makes us look more r...(read more)