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I like this perspective.

I don't think society is blind to this distinction, but it is rarely drawn so cleanly.

In the world of social realities, there is well-known memetic protection advising away from being overdependent on the social reality alone. The children's tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" can be taken as an actor with social power asserting something bizarre, with many people entertaining/allowing this social reality, but this being obviously insufficient to change reality.

There are important inherently intersubjective concepts (like money, fun, and human value?) that seem more grounded in the social reality. That doesn't mean the all the power of the casual stance cannot be used in the study of these things there, but that their intersubjective social perspective origin should not be neglected.

I considered finding a venue on Thomas Bayes Road, but perhaps that's a little too wanky.

I'm up for going through Book 1 of the Rationality ebook.

I think the LW reading group is doing section A for that week.

I'll be there!

I'll see if I can get Biblos to (quite rationally) offer us some free nachos...

PM'd :)

Maybe get the 13:30 from Waverley?

It's an easy trip on the Glasgow Underground from near Queen St to Hillhead / Byres Rd.


If anyone else is planning going through from Edinburgh, let me know.

I also exist!

I saw this one too late, but I'm up for Edinburgh or central Glasgow in the future.

I think the 'terminal' in terminal goal means 'end of that thread of goals', as in a train terminus. Something that is wanted for the sake of itself.

It does not imply that you will terminate someone to achieve it.

Do you really think that is at all likely that a nematode might be capable of feeling more informed life-satisfaction than a human?

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