Discussion article for the meetup : Edinburgh summer meetup

WHEN: 13 July 2012 01:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Upstairs at Biblos, 1 Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1HU

It's the summer months, many of the students are away and we have not had a proper Edinburgh meetup in a while. We will probably get a big table in Biblos on South Bridge on Friday lunchtime and be talking loudly about success or failure of procrastination avoidance plans. All welcome - come say hello.

Discussion article for the meetup : Edinburgh summer meetup

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This seems to be the last post about Edinburgh meetups, would people be interested in stating them again?

I'll be in town August 5th-11th for the Fringe - any chance of a meetup during that time?

No problem. I'm here for the entire summer. You may choose to contact myself closer to time and we'll organize a meetup then.

So I'm here a couple more days - still up for grabbing a pint?

Cool - I am away at the LW July minicamp in California, but I think I get back in Edinburgh around the 5th August.

I would be up for a meetup then.

Great stuff - I just attended the June minicamp. I'm pretty sure you'll love it. I look forward to meeting and picking your brains about it!

NOTE - slight change of plan.

It seems Aspen Bar and Grill is temporarily closed.

Instead - let's go to Biblos.

It's the restaurant on the corner of Chambers St and South Bridge. I've got us a big table upstairs booked, along with some nachos and 35% off all food.

See you there!

I'm interested in an Edinburgh meetup but I probably will not be able to make this one. When would the next one most likely be?

Cool. Don't worry - it seems there are several with similar interest in an Edinburgh meetup.

Once I'm back from the minicamp I would be keep to have another meetup, perhaps sometime 6-11th August.

When would you like to have one? I could imagine there might be interest in one before then. Why not be the agentyness you wish to see in the world? :)

I know a few coming on Friday - I will report back with any thoughts for future meetings.

I'm not too fussed when exactly; I can make probably any Friday or weekend for the next 7 weeks or so. I just found out about this meetup too late to plan my journey.

Hi. I will attend! I also wish to apologize for not having had the strength and courage to persist in organizing this meetup past the time it went fallow :P

I'd like to come at some point but unfortunately can't make the 13th.

Sadly I can't make this even though I am extremely keen to attend a regular local meetup. I think it could be worth organising a meeting outside normal working hours and avoiding talking about students in the announcement. What do you think?

I'd also love to meet somewhere quieter that doesn't require expenditure, but that may be asking a bit much to start with...

I am glad to see there is interest, even if you can't make this one.

I'm happy with outside 9-5, but I know some would-be regulars have other events on several weekday evenings. How about Sundays?

Aspen is unlikely to be too crowded on a Friday lunchtime and I think will be happy to have any custom from our group. I am open to alternatives, but it has the advantages of: public place, free entry, big group tables, bright, cheap-ish food and coffee, (hopefully) uncrowded.

I am happy to host in future, but I thought a public place is better to start with.

Sundays could well be doable. And I agree about a public place at first.

I'm at the festival until the 26th. Anybody meeting up between now and then?