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Name: Alex Hedtke Age: 27

Came here via HPMOR, stayed for the rationality. Organizer for the Kansas City Rationalists. Founder and co-organizer for Kansas City Effective Altruism. Founder and co-CEO of ‘The Guild of the ROSE’.

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CEO of the Guild of the ROSE here. This is an excellent writeup, and I appreciate the shoutout. You've correctly identified that our current structure lends itself more towards a university-like environment, but we have always aspired for that to just be one piece of the Guild. We are also interested in being a more open-ended community and providing the things you describe.

Right now, we are limited by funds and time. We have been working on this project for several years without pay, and so we have had to severely restrict what we focus on. If anyone wants to use us for the aspirations outlined in this post, let us know and we will happily lend ourselves to this mission.

What are the dimensions of the frames you used? Or better yet, do you have an amazon link to them?

Hi! CEO here. 

I would re-frame the conversation by saying everyone has things that are already impressive about them, but they also have weaknesses that prevent them from fulfilling their individual potential. The approach ROSE is taking is to help people shore up their weaknesses, leaving them only with strengths. To this end, we have already begun to succeed.

We have members who have made significant life decisions with the help of our Practical Decision Making course. We have helped people learn how to learn new skills more efficiently with our Meta-Learning course. We have helped people learn how to create faster and stronger relationships.

We have built ROSE to learn from the previous failed attempts at this. We have inoculated ourselves from the cultishness of the likes of Leverage. We have made ourselves more accessible and useful than the fleeting, expensive, and geographically-bound CFAR workshops. 

Even if we dissolve ROSE tomorrow, I already consider it a success that others can continue to learn from and iterate on.

If anyone has any questions, I am co-CEO of ROSE and will be periodically checking these comments. :)

"God of the EA community"? The majority of my city's EA community doesn't even know who Yudkowsky is, and of the few who do most have ambivalent opinions of him.

The primary goal of this document is to articulate my personal moral philosophy, and I use the Mohism branding because it has strong corollaries to said moral philosophy, but otherwise I am reinventing it from scratch.

I do think that a lot of the core tenets are widely (if subconsciously) held. As for the ones that aren't widely held, I personally think they should be. But, like any good Neo-Mohist, I'm willing to be convinced otherwise. ;)

The phrasing of this as a philosophy for others to adopt is mostly an aesthetic decision, a reframing to help me look at it more critically.

Thanks for the feedback! 

Basing it on Mohism is more of an aesthetic decision than anything; if classical Mohism has an issue then Neo-Mohism should set out to solve it. :)

I think there's a difference between "no fixed standards" and "the ability to update standards in light of new evidence". Neo-Mohism is definitely about "strong opinions, weakly held" kind of thing. The standards it sets forth are only to be overturned by failing a test, and until then should be treated as the best answer so far.

If you would like to attend a Guild mixer to meet the Council and some of the students, come join us saturday! We expect to do this on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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