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Alternative name for a Bug List

by Bae's Theorem1 min read9th Sep 20192 comments



At our Dojo, we performed an FMEA on all the various CFAR techniques we have gone over. The biggest failure mode of the Bug List was "discounting the positive". Additionally, if we shift our focus to a more positive mindset, it tends to be more motivating.

So basically, instead of being a list of problems in your life, it becomes a list of features that the Best Version of You has, as a list of things you should work on. This also includes features you already share with this Best Version of You! That way, you can continue to cultivate these features and not lose them, while validating yourself.

I'm just trying to think of a good pithy name for this list. "Feature List" seems pretty obvious, but can you think of any better ones?

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1 Answers

  • Skill Repertoire
  • Arsenal of Powers
  • Codex of Virtues
  • Strengths Inventory
  • Facet Deck
  • Optimal Traits
  • Paragon Plan

I used a thesaurus.