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I thought I was just an autistic weirdo for doing this, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one!

I might (ironically) not be smart enough to follow what you're broader point is, but I do think there's something interesting here. Maybe, in a later post you, if you can clearly and narrowly hone in on your premise ("I believe there should be a "cheat code" for high intelligence (problem-solving skills) for people.") I think you would have something that would generate a very good conversation.

 In regards to what you said about the 'g-factor' and the correlation between mental abilities, this lack of correlation does not only happen amongst high IQ individuals. For instance, people with autism spectrum disorder can often have average or superior IQ scores when it comes to perceptual reasoning, while their scores on other aspects of 'g' will be below average. The most extreme example of this being autistic savants. 

No, the WISC-IV doesn’t underestimate the intelligence of children with autism. | Assessing Psyche, Engaging Gauss, Seeking Sophia (