Austin, Texas Winter Solstice.

December 20th (Tuesday), 6 pm doors open.

Location: TBD

LW event link (details to be added).

Just added a spreadsheet to help coordinate carpooling.

Yes it is! (But don't give them alcohol.)

Final update for anyone who RSVP'd: You can park on the street in the area around Moontower. We will be providing lunch as well: breakfast tacos, including vegetarian and vegan options.

We have the whole venue reserved for us.

It's overridden, we've rented out the place.

Yes, we've rented out the venue for 12-8, so the normal hours don't apply.

Note, venue was changed to:

Moontower Cider Company 1916 Tillery St Austin, TX 78702 United States

PM me for directions if you didn't get them.

Late to post this, but another resource:

Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?

And the HN discussion about it, with me mentioning high-karma poster John Salvatier.

FYI, we're aware of the predictions of rain for Saturday and will be bring tent coverings to provide some protection. It's still on!

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