First Waco, Texas LW Meetup, 4/09, 1PM

by SilasBarta 1 min read6th Apr 201156 comments


Date: Saturday, April 9

Time: 1PM

Location: Common Grounds Coffeehouse, IH-35 and S 8th Street (east side of interstate).  (If you can't find parking behind the place, use the parking garage [free on weekends] just a short distance down the street.)

Well, I'm going through with it!  We'll have our first Texas LW meetup.  No other known Waco LWers, but it's not a bad drive (~90 minutes) from Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, or Bryan/College Station.

I will be the guy in the blue blazer with a Less Wrong sign.  I have no idea what the turnout will be, but I'll stay until at least 5pm, so come on by if you can.

The website reports an all-day 100 Cameras event, but this shouldn't interfere.

Edit: Looks like that was an old notice for the Saturday two weeks before this, so there is no interfering event to worry about.

Edit2: I've set up the Waco Meetup Group with this event shown.  (And promoted it on Craigslist.)

REPORT: Success!  Vaniver, NMJablonski, his wife, Clippy's humanoid robot, and I showed up.  We talked about various rationality issues: the potential for the upcoming boot camp, the heritability of personality traits and intelligence, the inefficiencies and lost purposes in the economy today, and of course, string theory.  At the end, we helped Clippy decide whether he should go to Rationalist Boot Camp (if he's accepted) by doing a probability-weighted CBA, which Vaniver helped coordinate very well.

Here is a picture of us at the meetup: from left to right: Vaniver, me, Laura (NMJablonski's wife), and NMJablonski. Clippy's robot did not want to be in it.  (I tried to upload it to this site, but even after resizing it down to the limit it wouldn't accept.)

We're planning to have another Texas meetup in Austin in two weeks.