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Rising rents and appropriate responses

I don't have citations for you, but it seems relevant that income far in the future gets discounted quite a bit compared to current income, which would imply that short-term incentives are more important than long-term incentives.

(A better argument would need to be made with realistic numbers.)

Rising rents and appropriate responses

Building new hubs doesn't need to be literally building something new.  A lot could be done just by load-balancing with cities that have lower rents and could use the jobs. Suppose that places where growth is a problem cooperated more with places that want more growth?

Place-Based Programming - Part 1 - Places

This method of caching assumes that an expression always evaluates to the same value. This is sometimes true in functional programming, but only if you're careful. For example, suppose the expression is a function call, and you change the function's definition and restart your program. When that happens, you need to delete the out-of-date entries from the cache or your program will read an out-of-date answer.

Also, since you're using the text of an expression for the cache key, you should only use expressions that don't refer to any local variables. For example, caching an expression that's within a function and refers to a function parameter will result in bugs when the function is called more than once with different parameters.

So this might be okay in simple cases when you are working alone and know what you're doing, but it likely would result in confusion when working on a team.

It's also essentially the same kind of caching that's commonly done by build systems. It's common for makefiles to be subtly broken so that incremental builds are unreliable and you need to do a "clean build" (with an empty cache) when it really matters that a build is correct. (The make command will compare file dates, but that's often not enough due to missing dependencies.)

But it still might be better to switch to a build system that's designed for this sort of thing, because then at least people will expect to need to do a clean build whenever the results seem to be wrong.

(Bazel is a build system that tries very hard to make sure that incremental builds are always correct and you never need to do a "clean build," but it's hard enough to use that I don't really recommend it.)

Politics is way too meta

When you're actually a little curious, you might start by using a search engine to find a decent answer to your question.  At least, if it's the sort of question for which that would work. Maybe even look for a book to read?

But, maybe we should acknowledge that much of the time we aren't actually curious and are just engaging in conversation for enjoyment? In that case, cheering on others who make an effort to research things and linking to their work is probably the best you can do. Even if you're not actually curious, you can notice people who are, and you can look for content that's actually about concrete things.

For example, my curiosity about the history of politics in Turkey is limited, so while I did read Scott Alexander's recent book review and some responses with interest, I'm not planning on reading an actual book on it. I don't think he's all that curious either, since he just read one book, but that's going further than me.

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Museums I'll give you (when they are open again).

For bookstores, in these days of electronic books, I don't think it matters where you live. I remember the last time I went into Powell's. I looked around for a while, dutifully bought one book for old time's sake, and realized later while reading it that I was annoyed that it wasn't electronic. I still go to a local library (when there's not a pandemic) but it's mostly for the walk.

Teachers: that's something I hadn't considered. Since getting out of school, I'm mostly self-taught.

Politics is way too meta

Of course this post is all meta, and my comment will be meta as well. We do it because it's easy.

I think part of the solution is being actually curious about the world.

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When enthusiastic New Yorkers say things like "everything at your fingertips" I want to ask what they mean by everything, since it seems subjective, based on what sorts of places one values? In this case: restaurants and parks?

A whirlwind tour of Ethereum finance

I'm wondering if these loans should really be considered loans, or some other kind of trade? It sounds like you're doing something like trading 100 X for 90 Y and the option to later pay 95 Y for 100 X. Is there any real "defaulting" on the loan? It seems like you just don't exercise the option.

I wonder what “O(n) performance” is supposed to mean, if anything?

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