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A Step-by-step Guide to Finding a (Good!) Therapist

Oh yeah, thanks for linking that! Looking over it now, I got some of my ideas from this post when I read it quite a few years ago, and forgot to link it in my main post.

A Step-by-step Guide to Finding a (Good!) Therapist

Yeah, it should be noted that anyone who knows me cannot be my client, though I can take on friends of friends as clients. Regarding Reflect specifically, you can select how many matches they give you and/or contact Reflect directly if you are matched with people you know, to help mitigate this issue.

Societal Growth Requires Rehabilitation

Huh, this is very different from the experience of myself and those who I have spoken to about this when writing this post. Is this something you or anyone else has written about?

On Gender and Emotional Support

This was initially written in the context of my therapeutic practice, so alas, I cannot provide a link. I appreciate your thoughtful response! Glad it was helpful

Active vs Passive Distraction

Sometimes it depends on a person's mood, and sometimes it depends on the person or the specifics around the activity. There are movies and shows I would only watch if I wanted to zone out, but a mystery or thriller isn't one of them, and it would be hard to get totally engrossed in something I'd seen a few times because I know what's happening next. But for music, it's been long enough since I'd played that I wouldn't be able to use that as a passive distraction -- even for a relatively simple piece.


I'm betting that this is what he plans on explaining in the next post, where this post is a precursor to explain why it's difficult to convey.


Agreed, regarding CFAR stuff.

And Qiaochu, even if you haven't experienced this yet, I believe you are or have gotten closer than most.


So glad you wrote this, and looking forward to where you take this thread of posts. There is a whole bunch of stuff here that doesn't get touched upon enough for what we're all trying to do, and I think writing about it needs to happen more.

50 Ways To Leave Your Therapist: Termination and why it's important

In cases like this, it helps if the end condition is discussed early on in therapy. If this worry comes up, it becomes important to find out where this insecurity comes from. Many therapists will have an open door policy -- if we decide your goals have been met and we terminate, you can at any time come back and decide to start therapy with me again. If termination is due to the therapist leaving, they can refer the client to someone new. In some cases (though this is easier in a clinic) the gap can be bridged by having a session dedicated to the old therapist introducing the client to the new therapist, and helping create that bond before detaching from the client.

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