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I'm not saying that it looks like you're copying your views, I'm saying that the updates look like movements towards believing in a certain sort of world: the sort of world where it's natural to be optimistically working together with other people on project that are fulfilling because you believe they'll work. (This is a super empathizable-with movement, and a very common movement to make. Also, of course this is just one hypothesis.) For example, moving away from theory and "big ideas", as well as moving towards incremental / broadly-good-seeming progress, as well as believing more in a likely continuum of value of outcomes, all fit with trying to live in a world where it's more immediately motivating to do stuff together. Instead of witholding motivation until something that might really work is found, the view here says: no, let's work together on whatever, and maybe it'll help a little, and that's worthwhile because every little bit helps, and the witholding motivation thing wasn't working anyway.

(There could be correct reasons to move toward believing and/or believing in such worlds; I just want to point out the pattern.)

I note that almost all of these updates are (weakly or strongly) predicted by thinking of you as someone who is trying to harmonize better with a nice social group built around working together to do "something related to AI risk".

How are you telling the difference between "evolution aligned humans to this thing that generalized really well across the distributional shift of technological civilization" vs. "evolution aligned humans to this thing, which then was distorted / replaced / cut down / added to by the distributional shift of technological civilization"?

Isn't a major point of purifiers to get rid of pollutants, including tiny particles, that gradually but cumulatively damage respiration over long-term exposure?

From Owen's post: "I’d suggested her as a candidate earlier in the application process, but was not part of their decision-making process". "Unrelated job offer" is a bad description of that. I don't see the claim about hosting in the post, but that would a little soften things if true.

Anyway, it's not a random blog post! If it was a post about how many species of flowers there are or whatever, then my comment wouldn't make sense. But it's not random! It's literally about acting wholesomely! His very unwholesome behavior is very relevant to a post he's making to the forum of record about what wholesome behavior is!

It makes sense, but I think it's missing that adults who try to want in the current social world get triggered and/or traumatized as fuck because everyone else is behaving the way you describe.

I agree, but he should be more forthcoming!

@Zach Stein-Perlman @habryka Since I guess you don't understand what I'm saying: If someone's going to read an essay about a topic that's entwined with soulcrafting, and that essay is written by someone who has some amount of poison in them, then the reader should be aware of this. Care to say what you disagree with about that?

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