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"turning out to be right" is CAIS's strength

This is CAIP, not CAIS; CAIP doesn't really have a track record yet.

Try, turn on anti-kibbitzer, sort comments by New

If bid-ask spreads are large, consider doing so less often + holding calls that expire at different times so that every time you roll you're only rolling half of your calls.

@gwern I've failed to find a source saying that Hydrazine invested in OpenAI. If it did, that would be a big deal; it would make this a lie.

Cool, changing my vote from "no" to "yes"

You left out the word "meaningfully," which is quite important.

I think deploying Claude 3 was fine and most AI safety people are confused about the effects of deploying frontier-ish models. I haven't seen anyone else articulate my position recently so I'd probably be down to dialogue. Or maybe I should start by writing a post.

[Edit: this comment got lots of agree-votes and "Deploying Claude 3 increased AI risk" got lots of disagreement so maybe actually everyone agrees it was fine.]

Deploying Claude 3 increased AI risk.

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