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Alas, this one is a bust. Dazbog closes at 6:30! I'll schedule another soon, promise

Venue change. Dazbog coffee up the street near alameda. Sorry for no notice. Some school function as Barnes and noble has rendered it uninhabitable.

I'd love it if you could attend. The time is flexible if your schedule needs a little wiggle room.

A wizard hat will also basically guarantee conversation from passersby! Good call!

I've arrived at the coffee shop. Head to the room on the left. I'm wearing a silver shirt and name tag.

If you'd like, I don't think it would be a problem to switch to another day or meet an hour later. We can always schedule the next meeting for a time that's more agreeable with everyone's schedules.

Absolutely. I won't cancel or change without at least a few days notice.

I should have mentioned the name of the place. It's called Strange Grounds, a coffee shop with a nice side room that ought to be perfect.

So with 10 blocks of road closures and the worst time parking I've ever had in old town, I made of 15 minutes late. I don't see any LessWrong sign or anything. Is anyone else here?

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