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I tried doing this. It was okay. Here was the prompt I used. 


I also wrote code to use the GPT-4 API, feel free to DM me if you want it. 


It was also very expensive in the end. 

I spent a lot of time on it and it wasn't that good, I think I'll wait for the next GPT to try it again. 

# Better, and now it talks about increases instead of just effects

I'm an Economics student and I want to create flashcards that comprehensively cover the knowledge and the reasons why for each of those pieces of knowledge
Make flashcards that cover every piece of information in the text.

One piece of information on the back of each card, eg.


Many labor substitutes cause what effect on labor demand?;elastic, high skilled jobs more inelastic

Many labor substitutes cause what effect on labor demand?;elastic
High skilled jobs have what type of labor demand?;more inelastic



NO "card 1:" or "card 2:" 


make concise flashcards that
- only have one piece of information in the answer
- very clear and concise in wording
- when you ask for defnitions, say "define x"

In the question field
- Never ask what effect [factor] has on [thing]. Always ask what effect a [change in factor] has on [thing]
- Never ask how does [factor] affect [thing]. Always how does AN INCREASE IN [factor] affect thing, or always ask how a DECREASE IN [factor] affects thing
if the question field is: "how does x affect y", change it to "how does an (increase in / decrease in) x affect y" or "cheaper x" or "more expensive x". 
Do NOT do "how does x affect y"


Example 1

Incorrect: How does snow affect slipperiness?; An increase in snow increases sliperiness

Correct: How does an increase in snow affect sliperiness?; Increases sliperiness

Example 2
Incorrect: How does wind affect beach revenue?; More wind leads to less wind revenue

Correct: How does more wind affect beach revenue?; decreases beach revenue

Example 3
Incorrect: How does price of metal affect construction?; cheaper metal increases construction

Correct: How does cheaper metal affect construction?; increases construction




- if you make a card on what effect x has on y, make another card asking WHY that effect is true
- if you make a card that states a relationship between variables, make another card on WHY that relationship is true
- split the effect and the CAUSE of that effect into two different cards
- do NOT combine the effect, and the explanation of that effect, into the same card
- do not make up any details, use only details that are from the text
- IMMEDIATELY after each card, make another card that asks why it's true. Do not miss any cards, and do not make anything up
- immediately after EVERY card, every single card, say why. Don't miss any cards. after you've made a normal card.
- Always make a card that asks WHY every card is true. Never skip making a WHY card.


- the maximum amount of word

s in the answer field is ten. be very concise. don't be wordy. Be concise

In trying to understand people's feelings, I tend to ask a lot of questions about the situation so I can understand, but I worry a lot about it turning into an interview and maybe people don't like explaining themselves a lot when they're upset? But I don't really know what to do. Advice?

Interesting, I wrote that comment a year ago and autohotkey is still embedded into the genes of how I use my computer. My capslock is remapped to control, I can write a small four letter string to pull up a notepad file with my daily journal, another string for my sleep long, another four my collection of fictional quotes I like, and fun ones like typing 'nowk' to expand to the current date without having to check it (2022-12-05) or typing -0 to auto expand to — em dash are things that my computer feels very empty without now 

This was really interesting. Mapping the bits I understood (which was minimal) to the bits I didn't was fun, but also the style of writing for even the bits I didn't understand was entertaining

Really engaging! Was especially gripped at the bluffing section, and laughed out loud in shock at the reveal. Really enjoyed it :)

I love Thrill of the Fight. Gets me super exhausted with my muscles sore. 

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