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[Linkpost] Paul Graham 101

Liron Shapira's may also count? Which involves the same content as The Lean Startup

App and book recommendations for people who want to be happier and more productive

Thank you for the recommendations!


For something like Keysmith (automating series of tasks) for windows, I use AutoHotkey. It's free and super easy and powerful and has a very good Tutorial Page

Summary of the sequences / Lesson plans for rationality

Ah, totally, thank you for the tip and how to generate it myself. 

Nate Soares' Replacing Guilt Series compiled in epub Format

Thank you very much for making this. It didn't work for me on google play books before converting to mobi and back to epub using calibre. This is that version:

What's the most easy, fast, efficient way to create and maintain a personal Blog? also seems really cool, as it auto uploads whatever you put into a dropbox folder. It's $4 a month. 

The Best Software For Every Need

I used Anki for 3ish years and SuperMemo for the last year, and have to say I've liked SuperMemo exponentially more because of it's incremental reading feature, where you put hundreds of sources to learn from (like lesswrong posts) into it, and go over them over time and can rank them by priority. Is far less of a pain to learn from things then making cards one by one.

Calculated Clairvoyance

Oh yes of course, perfect, thank you.

Calculated Clairvoyance

I think what I'm getting at is a desire for better self-awareness in people giving advice. I think it's fine to give the alternative, brute force  methodology version (step-by-step philosophy to happiness / probability theory) as a way to artifically make up for it in the absence of the original way of acquiring the skill (of happiness / future vision). So I think what Saphire's doing is fine, except if it's under the pretense that that's how you actual acquired the skill in the first place, which I think reflects lack of self awareness. 

100 Ways To Live Better

Loved this, a lot of it made me laugh. Came here from searching 'Naval' to see if other people on LessWrong knew about him. He's a gem of wisdom.

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