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Interesting, I wrote that comment a year ago and autohotkey is still embedded into the genes of how I use my computer. My capslock is remapped to control, I can write a small four letter string to pull up a notepad file with my daily journal, another string for my sleep long, another four my collection of fictional quotes I like, and fun ones like typing 'nowk' to expand to the current date without having to check it (2022-12-05) or typing -0 to auto expand to — em dash are things that my computer feels very empty without now 

This was really interesting. Mapping the bits I understood (which was minimal) to the bits I didn't was fun, but also the style of writing for even the bits I didn't understand was entertaining

Really engaging! Was especially gripped at the bluffing section, and laughed out loud in shock at the reveal. Really enjoyed it :)

I love Thrill of the Fight. Gets me super exhausted with my muscles sore. 

Change is Bad? or Choices are bad? Choices are really bad?

Actually, I want to walk back on this a bit. I was on a plane since this comment and the ten hours of no wifi was really nice and really unique and really focused, and I had absolutely no reason to check my phone because there was absolutely zero chance of their being a notification... I realised that I appreciated digital minimalism at the time because I had just come out of having no wifi forced apon me for a week and finding it really nice and really wanting to maintain it. I think I've just forgotten how nice it actually is

I really really enjoyed digital minimalism when I read it, but think it was somewhat harmful to my relationships, given how hard it says that only text-relationships are basically worthless. It took like a year but I happened to meet someone really cool who strongly didn't like calling and since the only way I could talk to them was texting, I sucked it up and actually found out that it's not so bad.

I think it did help me firm up the things I dislike about texting, and with some agreed about norms I think they can be mitigated. Wrote about it here: Why call? | Space L Clottey (


This post did A LOT for me in terms of my phone usage:

Distractions are a Nuisance, but Infinity Pools are the Real Problem | by John Zeratsky | Make Time | Medium

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