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Interesing! I have something to say about the questions at the beginning of the text. I tried very very hard to answer them, but I found out I just can’t do it without lying to myself! I litterally can’t imagine the situation in order to feel it and make a decision. It’s imposible to imagine myself deciding, rationally, when I do something when someone else does it, or what is the % needed (like in the mask question) in order for me to change my behaviour. But, like everybody else, i change my behavior based on what others do.

> So, my question is, do you think that some people do think more rationally about the way to act in those situations or they act impulsively like everyone else and they rationalize their behavior later? Does it have something to do with their inclination towards more math-rich sciences? Or, maybe, it depends on the biological characteristics of the individual? Like personality, for example.

And, in a more broader sense, how many of our decisions de you guys think are rational and how many are just rationalized? 

> I hope it makes sense. Cheers.