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Thank you I have come across FAO - proved to be very useful!

I'm not confident this is the right outlet (and if so I apologize) but does anyone have tips on good data sources for ex; poultry statistics - trying to get hold of data for each individual country the amount of eggs produced on a year by year, country by country basis. appreciate any tips! Where do you go to find your data? (choose to make this an open question)

(not sure this is the right answer) Potentially FHI prize competition could be seen as an attempt to pursue that end? ( http://www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/prize , it's closed now)

Yes, i have. I thought there might be other people in the same position, I therefore put up the post in order to potentially "break the ice".

Thank you for renaming it.

"then somehow the change reverted to the original title (could be an edit by the author)" - i have not re-dited it back to the original title.

My apologise, I did not intend to miss-lead anyone.

(I'm sorry about the grammar etc, hope the content comes through) I was 17, when I first had a "burst" of enlightenment, it was more or less the time I started to think critically for myself, coming from a society that I found to be very narrow minded, I at that point felt an urge to read more, learn more and be better. I heavily started to write about my experience's and yielded a great content from it. I naively adopted the notion that: we are what we sculptures us into, our potential is unrealised and too wide and deep to be generalised. With this mantra I came a long way through school, but came out on top without a narrative and started to lack, not being aware of the fact that I was starting to indulge more and more into biases, and the results of my operations started to decline. Then I felt like on a degree of rationality and "winning" I took some steps back. Then around 1.5 years ago in one of my courses at University I started to study the "perception model" and through trajectory I came across books by Nassim Taleb, Malcom Gladwell and finally Bias and Heurestics by Kahneman and Tversky. And after that I have just been rolling along those lines.

(To gwern and Will_Newsome) Haha that's great, it's a somewhat juvenile undertone in Krugman's writing in this paper. that's exactly the kind of paper's i'm looking for - paper's that are something of a outlier in the field of economics, if any other paper's come's to mind in the same direction it would be appreciated.

I'm fairly new to singularity etc. but from what I have read so far. Looking at singularity as a if scenario through Brain Emulation's (uploading). How would this affect the economy regarding, emplyment, growth etc. So far I have found papers looking at economics of singularity from Robin Hanson. I'm struggling finding other source's so I would be very grateful if someone would like to contribute.

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