I am planning on going to the Singularity Summit this year, I applied for a student discount earlier on - approximately 3 weeks ago.  Still haven't heard back.  I am curious to hear if anyone else has applied for student discount and got a reply.  I am studying in the UK, so really want to wrap my logistics issues up quickly!  Hence, anyone else in the same boat? 

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Could I suggest a more descriptive title? "Singularity Summit 2012" sounds like it's an announcement from the organizers, or for discussion about the summit in general.

My apologise, I did not intend to miss-lead anyone.

My apologise ... miss-lead

It's "I apologise" or archaically "My apologies". (American English "apologize").

And "mislead".

Renamed to "A question about ...", then somehow the change reverted to the original title (could be an edit by the author), now renamed again (edit log shows both edits, so the first one didn't just fail to register...).

Thank you for renaming it.

"then somehow the change reverted to the original title (could be an edit by the author)" - i have not re-dited it back to the original title.

Downvoted for clogging up LessWrong with irrelevant stuff. Have you tried asking them in an email?

I don't know, a Discussion post seems a good enough place for that, as long as Singularity stuff is more-or-less on-topic here. Discussion posts are our general way of making announcements / getting attention to something / etc., and I don't see a reason to discourage that as long as it's not getting out-of-hand.

Yes, i have. I thought there might be other people in the same position, I therefore put up the post in order to potentially "break the ice".

Hi, I will look over the student discounts now, and yeah, this should be through email.

If you'd like to let me know your name I can specifically respond to your request now.