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That's fair. I believe kiwi is a fork of chrome that is kept up to date with a set of patches applied on top fwiw.

Uh nvm, that doesn't work reliably bc of the comment lazy loading 🤔

Oh, that actually suggests a slightly better version, that won't reload the page. Updated the post!

Curious if people found good alternative videos/intro materials for this that worked well?

I really enjoy Moroccan food and surprised to see it rated so poorly (I've mostly encountered it while living in France though and it seems that French do actually like it, so maybe there is something special about how its presented there vs elsewhere 🤔)

Hey there! I was curious if you've found any good sources around this since?

Visiting from the US around that time, hope to be able to make it!

Matches by Guante

that was really good thanks for mentioning it!

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