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How can I distinguish between reflective attention and common attention?


Exocortex is what you need.

There are methods to remember things better, to wake up at a specific time, to make unconscious mind work for you. The last one may be disputable technique, because there are still debates regarding work of unconscious mind. But you do not need tulpa for that.

By the way, I have some well-detailed characters from role-playing game of mine, they act much like tulpas but without visual image in surrounding environment. I just have their pictures and appearances in mind. Another difference is that the most of them do not know about me, because they live in my imaginary world. But this world is very similar to ours, so I can easily provide one of them access to the LessWrong site and this character can even participate in conversations. Also I can arrange a meeting with me as an imaginary copy or even provide them information that they are imaginary characters.


Do you mean handbook published in 2004? And could you please describe in a few words why does it suck?


This link maybe? You can follow it clicking on the “Nearest Meetups” title on the right column.


I think we should plan set of topics to discuss. I prefer to start with the same topics that were discussed on the regular meet ups.


Video and audio conferences are good if you have 3-5 people. But I think we will have more participants, so multiple IRC rooms devoted to the different topics should work better.


Would you like to contact with me and share views and information regarding meet up organization? I also want to bring CFAR workshop in my city and we conduct practical gatherings all the time.


Your meet up is planned for the year 2019, can you correct it?


I would like to help to create LessWrong communities in the Russian speaking countries, can anyone provide me with site visitor statistics from Russia and CIS?


That would be great if you come! Here is information regarding Russian visas. You can easily get visa invitation from tourist company and I can provide with all information about Russia.

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