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Hi! I'm from China-yes, exactly the place where COVID-19 was born and ruined our Spring Festival completely. After months-long battle with the virus, now the confirmed case of COVID-19 has down to an alltime low. But it saddens me to see that this virus seem to spread across other countries,South Korea,Japan,Iran,Italy etc. Here I'd like to share with you some advice that Chinese goverment used to prevent the virus from infecting more people.

1.Intially, the government advised people to stay at home. But soon,the advice escalated to nearly an order. Sounds exaggerating? Not at all! , I'm from countryside where rules and regulations supposed to be the loosest. But upon receiving the order from central governemnt, all villages implemented strict control over indiidual mobility. Simply put, all villages, counties, towns and cities were doing their best to isolate themselves from others. You probably heard that the Wuhan city was locked down. Well, that is true and my heart goes to all the countryman stuck there. Many people condemned Chinese government as inhuamne and stupid. Yet given so little time , the method is by far the most efficient one! Reasons behind it is simple: STOP PHYSICAL CONTACT EQUALS STOP THE VIRUS FROM SPREADING.

2.Well, the first one is not personal suggestion. Here it is.

Why we self quarantine?

① For people who are worried that they may get infected. Self quarantine for 14 days is advised by leading doctors in China. You know, just to see if you have any symphtons:burning up, sore throat, fever etc.If you do have above symphtons, rush to hospitals at no time. Doctors and nursed are always there 24/7 fighting to save people. RESPECT to them.

②For healthy people: It's just the easiest way to make sure you are safe and sound :) (Provided that your family members are healthy as well!)

Does self quarantine means complete isolation from the outside world?

That is not the case here. I mean complete isolation is impossible in big cities. You have to stock food once in a while. So Chinese people are advised to stay at home unless it's really important things like runninggnni'nnur errands, seeing a doctor etc. And while you are out, always wear a mask.


I don't know why but many westerns seemed against this. I talked to my English Coach about it and he simply said he didn't believe it would work and it looks dumb. Still, wearing a mask when you out in public can drastically reduce your chances to get infected(Plz check some videos online to learn how to wear them properly . Otherwise it's just useless) . I'm not making it up here.Its simply what I picked up from the mandatory online lessons about COVID-19. YES, it's mandatory to all students here(That's what i've heard so far). And those lessons are made by prestigious doctors and medical staff, so I belive those advice are pretty solid.

That's all. Hope they are useful and match the criteria in the article. If not, please leave me some messages and feel free to edit this text. :)