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Some highlights from my .vimrc

" Prevent data loss
set undofile
" Flush to disk every character (Note: disk intensive, e.g. makes large copy-pastes slow)
set updatecount=1

" Directory browsing usability
let g:netrw_liststyle = 3 " tree list view
let g:netrw_banner = 0

" Copy for X11
vnoremap <C-c> "cy <Bar> :call system('xclip -selection clipboard', @c)<CR><CR>

Also worth checking out CoC (language server)

Promoting Prediction Markets With Meaningless Internet-Point Badges

Twitch has recently begun experimenting with predictions for streamers using their channel-points currency.

Democracy, Bureaucracy, Central Banking

The history of central banking (and large scale monetary policy generally), is fascinating. This lecture I found particularly enlightening (George Selgin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeIljifA8Ls

Noteworthy remarks:

  • Even before central banking, government regulation required banks purchase junk assets (causing failures)
  • Nonuniform currency price slippage (when each bank issued its own notes) may have been < 1%
  • The National Bank Act taxed private bank notes at 10%, effectively destroying private currency circulation
    • National Bank notes were backed by US debt. As the debt shrank, currency became scarce, leading to crisis.
  • Canadian banking at the time (not centralized until 1935) was both deregulated and did not suffer currency crises (see 17:54 for graph)

Now, it turns out that the Fed was designed not by politicians, or bureaucracy, but instead by special interest groups (namely Wall St.). See The Meeting at Jekyll Island


I have removed the good/bad duality entirely, as I found it confusing.


2021 New Year Optimization Puzzles

Puzzle 1:

score: 180

Covid 12/24: We’re F***ed, It’s Over

To use a more realistic example, it's hard for me to agree that a billionaire values their tenth vacation home more than a homeless person who is in danger of freezing in the winter.

I don't see "value" as a feeling. A freezing person might desire a warm fire, but their value of it is limited by what can be expressed.

That said, a person is a complex asset, and so the starving person might trade in their "apparent plight" (e.g. begging).

For example, the caring seller of the last sandwich might value alleviating "apparent plight" more than millions of shares of AMZN. Whether they do or don't exactly determines the value of an individuals suffering against some other asset, in terms of the last sandwich.

Covid 12/24: We’re F***ed, It’s Over

Tap again directly on your prediction to remove it.

What technologies could cause world GDP doubling times to be <8 years?

What if instead of producing new things to value, people change the things they value. Perhaps increased homogeneity of value creates more efficient economies of scale.

Eth2 Staking explained as a Financial Instrument

If I understand correctly, then Rocket Pool fits the bill. It is a network (with mild centralization) that allows people to buy and sell shares of a validator pool. Risk is spread across the network in case of node failure.

Note on 1, the withdrawal key is separate from the validator key, such that one can validate but not withdraw.

Edit: Though I agree on 2, that in the long term the fees such networks will be able to charge will decline significantly.

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