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Fair enough.

A twitter list is literally: You create it (or use someone else's) and if you load it (e.g. https://twitter.com/i/lists/83102521) you get the people on the lists in reverse chronological order and nothing else (or you can use Tweetdeck). Doesn't seem to have traps.

What's the difference between the Google Doc and a Twitter List with those accounts on it?

I can see the weird border case where the $8 gets you invested in a bad way but $0 makes you consume in a good way, I guess, but it's weird. Mostly sounds like you very much agree on the danger of much worse than -$8.

Also, you say there are still a bunch of mistakes. Even if it's effectively too late to fix them for the post (almost all readers are within the first 48 hours) I'd like to at least fix my understanding, what else did I still get wrong, to extent you know? 

Before GPT-4 I would have said I'd run that experiment and I definitely couldn't.

With it? Maybe.

Huh. It was much higher initially. I will fix.

Yes. His argument is it is against any particular risk and here the risk is particular, or something. Scott Alexander's response is... less polite than mine, and emphasizes this point.

Thank you. I will update the post once I read Wolfram's post and decide what I think about this new info.

In the future, please simply say 'this is wrong' rather than calling something like this misinformation, saying highly misleading with the bold highly, etc. 


EDIT: Mods this is ready for re-import, the Wordpress and Substack versions are updated.

I don't see his arguments as being in good enough faith or logic to do that. Hanania I have tried to engage with, I don't see how to do that with Pinker. What would you say are the arguments he makes that are worth an actual response? 

(Note that I get the opposite pushback more often, people saying various forms of 'why are you feeding the trolls?')

I encourage people to use agree-disagree voting on Nathan's comment (I will abstain) on the question of whether I should engage more with Pinker. 

A shame - I see this at an agreement voting -3 a day later, which means I didn't do a good enough job.

Thus, I kindly request some combination of (A) will someone else take a shot and/or (B) what would I have to do to get it where it needs to go?


(Edit, it's now at +3? Hmm. We'll see if that holds.)

Thread for suggesting if there is anything here that be its own post, either in current form or expanded form.

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