We’re trying a new format this week!

How Deep Questions works: We’ll break into pairs. Each pair will take turns answering one of a selected list of open-ended meaningful questions (e.g. “What in life gets you really excited?”, “What’s one thing you’ve never told someone before about yourself that you feel comfortable sharing with a stranger?”, “What do you hope they say in your obituary?”, “Who do you admire most, and why do you admire that person so much?”). Each pair gets 12 minutes for both people to answer the question; after 12 minutes, the pairs rotate to take on the next question with a new person.

This meetup is more structured than usual; at the recent meta-meetup, we got feedback that more structured interaction might help shy people integrate better into the group. Please let us know what you think of this meetup format.

For help getting into the building, please call (or text, with a likely-somewhat-slower response rate): 301-458-0764.


We meet and start hanging out at 6:30, but don’t officially start doing the meetup topic until 6:45-7:00 to accommodate stragglers. Usually there is a food order that goes out before we start the meetup topic.

About these meetups:

The mission of the SF LessWrong meetup is to provide a fun, low-key social space with some structured interaction, where new and non-new community members can mingle and have interesting conversations. Everyone is welcome.

We explicitly encourage people to split off from the main conversation or diverge from the topic if that would be more fun for them (moving side conversations into a separate part of the space if appropriate). Meetup topics are here as a tool to facilitate fun interaction, and we certainly don’t want them to inhibit it.

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Hello! I am hoping to attend, but wanted to make sure it was still planned given concerns around covid-19. Is the event still on for tonight?