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Hello Everyone,

The regular October ACX meeting will be on Thursday October 27th at 6:30 PM.  

LocationMalt and Mortar

They do not serve food, but we will order something nearby!

Discussion Topic: Braiiiiins

In celebration of Halloween, let's discuss how delic- uh, interesting brains are.  Scott has written quite a few posts on theories of the brain, models of cognition, and other similar topics.  Let's read some of these things and eat- er, pick his brain.  For... y-yes, learning purposes.

Suggested Readings:

Book Review: Rhythms Of The Brain

Extra Readings:

Book Review: Behavior - The Control of Perception
Book Review: Surfing Uncertainty
Your Book Review: Consciousness And The Brain

New Members

Send a quick email if you plan to attend, even if it's just a maybe!

See you there!

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Note that the location for this event has been changed to Malt and Mortar.