The Austin group does a monthly movie discussion night, where we pick a movie to watch (separately, unless we have a watch party) and then meet up to discuss. We do that online at the Jitsi link at the end. Feel free to join the discussion, wherever you live!

For January, the "movie" is a TV episode: Star Trek Voyager, Season 4, Episode 4, titled "Nemesis" (IMDB).

The discussion is scheduled for Friday, January 22 at 7 pm. Watch the episode before this time.

This episode is essentially self-contained and does not require any particular knowledge of Star Trek.

This can be watched for free with Netflix or Amazon Prime. If you have neither, you can pay $1.99 to watch on Amazon.

Be aware of the similarly titled (but completely different) Star Trek movie "Star Trek: Nemesis". The discussion is on the episode, not the movie.

Click the following link to join the meeting:

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Good choice! That's one of the more memorable Voyager episodes.

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