LW Montreal Meetup – Oct. 2th 2019


Hello friends,

We'll explore Part 2 of our exploration of the Uruk Series by looking at the relationships between narcissism, social invasion, and democracy, as brought about from sam[]zdat's Uruk Series: https://samzdat.com/the-uruk-series

Whereas Part 1 was more focused in concept acquisition, Part 2 is more focused on retrieving insights from these concepts.

Take home booklets will be distributed to all :)

Format: We meet and start hanging out at 6:00pm. At around 6:45pm, we'll do a (very) short recap of what these events are about, and then start going through the text together, each excerpt at the time.


What is LessWrong? Good question! The answer lies here.

When: Wednesday, Sept 4th 2019, 6:00pm-9:30pm

Where: L'Infini, 5455 rue d'Iberville, loft 111A. Dial 800 at front door. (map)

Language: The meetup is usually FR/EN with live translations as necessary.

Cost? Free (duh!)

Questions? Contact Yohan: 514-562-7682 ; 1806992[at]gmail[dot]com

Why come? To get to discuss with like-minded people in a fun, low-key social space with some structured interaction, where new and non-new community members can mingle and have interesting conversations. Everyone is welcome.

I'll arrive late, is it fine? Yes.

Anything else I need to know? Yes. L'Infini is a sober space, so no drugs/alcohol consumption inside.

Can I invite friends? If you think they'll get along with the rest of the folkx, yes.

See you soon!