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Corona note: There will be tests at the entrance. We expect about 12 vaccinated people sharing about 30 square meters of space for about 7 hours. Come at your own risk.

Pair debugging is a staple of applied rationality. Humans aren't really all that smart on their own. Our intelligence is distributed. You don't get very far by thinking by yourself.

Before we start, we will teach a rationality technique. These techniques can be used explicitly as a structured conversation, or they can be applied freestyle whenever.

Minimum prep: bring a bugs list! This is a list of n things that you would like to improve about your life. Some examples:
- "I often fail to keep my promises when I don't really believe in them"
- "I waste too much energy on parties"
- "I still don't meditate on a regular basis"
- "I'm not sure if I'm smart enough for EA work"

Optional prep: read some of the CFAR handbook at

Rough schedule:
16:00 - welcome
± 17:00 - introduction
± 17:15 - meditation session
± 17:30 - instruction & practice
± 18:30 - done
± 19:30 - grab some dinner together
± ??:?? - closing

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Raymond is doing the workshop this time. He says:

"This time we are going to practice circling. Circling is a technique to practice awareness of how one connect and relate to others by paying attention to what is happening in the present moment. More information can be found here:

The plan is to start with some small authentic relating game to get more comfortable and practice some skills related to circling and then do circling for about an hour."