Amsterdam Rationality Dojo

We come together in Amsterdam to practice all sorts of paradigms of self-development. Inspired by LessWrong, but willing to wade a little further into the mystic side of things, we could be best described as a postrationalist venue.

Amsterdam Rationality Dojo was born out of the observation that the strongest biases are emotional ones, coming from a sense of scarcity. The model is something like: half your brain only cares about deficiency needs like food and safety and belonging, and it's just going to stand on the brakes until you address them. Our best guess is that a rich social circle is the most important one, and especially the most underrated. Even more so among intellectuals with a knack for autism or otherwise systematizing thought. ARD was started to fill that gap, to support and empower those who work on alignment or other great things.

We can't describe succinctly what we're about, but here's a few things that we are interested in so you may create an impression bottom-up:

- (far reaching consequences of) new technologies, i.e. the technological singularity

- (actually practicing) Effective Altruism

- (actually practicing) Transhumanism, i.e. lifespan and intelligence augmentation

- Sprituality, as a toolkit for emotional intelligence that (so) far outpaces modern psychology. Also psychedelics

- Authentic Relating, as a way to create supercharged social bonds

- Other ways to self-upgrade to make structurally better decisions, also known as Applied Rationality

- Startups, working in tech, investing, and other ways to make a fuckton of money and climb the ladder of society

In practice, we like to do Applied Rationality and Authentic Relating exercises, go for walks in nature, (ecstatic) dance parties, Wim Hof trainings, community weekends, psytrance festivals, EA conferences, and any and all the richness that life has to offer. We also love math.

Upcoming Events

LessWrong HangoutAmsterdam-ZuidoostJan 29th

Past Events

Amsterdam Rationality DojoAmsterdam-ZuidoostJan 15th
Amsterdam Rationality DojoAmsterdam, Netherlands2021 Dec 18th
Pair debugging & applied rationalityAmsterdam-Zuidoost2021 Dec 11th
Pair debuggingAmsterdam-Zuidoost2021 Nov 6th
Pair Debugging and applied rationalityAmsterdam-Zuidoost2021 Oct 9th
Post-meetup socialCarolina MacGillavrylaan 3198, Amsterdam2020 Feb 15th
Meetup #45 - Implementation IntentionsScience Park 904, Amsterdam2020 Feb 15th
Meetup #44 - MurphyjitsuScience Park 904, Amsterdam2020 Feb 1st