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This is the autumn "ACX Everywhere" meetup for Rationality/LW/ACX readers. Scott won't be visiting this particular meetup but it should be fun nonetheless :-) The topic of the meetup is: "What's one post you would write for the ACX blog if you could?", please prepare an answer for the meetup if you can. 

Location: Optimism Brewing in Cap Hill. If you can't find us, you can give me a call at 206-458-4791.

Parking: There's a paid parking garage right next to Optimism which almost always has free spots:

The event will have free pizza and Chipotle (until supplies run out), as well as beer and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase from the venue. There will be board games available to borrow and you can bring more if you'd like to play them at the meetup.

Please feel free to come even if you feel awkward about it, even if you’re not “the typical ACX/LW reader”, even if you’re worried people won’t like you, etc. I expect around 50 people to join for the October meetup, based on how many people attended ACX Everywhere in May 2022.

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