This is intended as a space for people curious about the world and critical of the methods of understanding it. It is primarily aimed at people interested in applying Bayesian Rationality(LessWrong, CFAR, etc.) to their critical methods but also welcomes Slate Star Codex readers, and others curious about the world. For more on rationality take a look at https://tinyurl.com/y2953693 or send a message to the organizor.

At a previous time the community seemed excited about a community member sharing their view on something they are knowledgeable about, and so without further ado I would like to present this weeks activity.

Activity: Superforecasting
Jonas Meinertz Hansen will do a presentation on methods to improve our ability to make predictions as well as facilitating applying those techniques to specific issues.

19.00 Informal meet and greet
19:30 Activity begins
21:00 Socialize

This is the third meetups in a series that will last until December.

We are meeting in the Aquarium.

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Just a suggestion from someone who is only indirectly affected.

It would be helpful to add the city name in the title, because then I can better filter relevant posts in the RSS reader. (Also, I don't know what CPH means, and I would suggest not to let tinyurl first direct to facebook and link back to lesswrong from there, why not directly let tinyurl link to lesswrong...)

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