It's Time to Cook (Dinner)


I wanna play a game. [jigsaw voice]

I'm envisioning something that is half that card game The Mind that involves predicting what cards other people are holding without speaking...

...and half Chopped, that TV cooking game show my parents are obsessed with, where contestants are forced to incorporate 'random' ingredients from a mystery basket into a dish of their choosing.

Here's what I'm thinking:
-Everyone brings an ingredient to my place.
-We do NOT talk to each other ahead of time about who is bringing what ingredient, nor any hints about what dishes your ingredient would work well in, or what you've been craving lately... no hints!
-We have to apply some creative ingenuity to the cooking process to make a meal that incorporates all of the ingredients that people bring.
-As in Chopped, we are allowed to supplement with additional ingredients from my pantry, or even the nearby Shoppers if necessary.
-If two people bring the same ingredient it has to be the main ingredient.
-We're all committed to eating the Frankenfood we create (so it is in no one's interest to play the comedian with their ingredient selection).
-In the interest of health and safety, the only limit on ingredient selecting is that it has to be something we have a reasonable shot of knowing how or figuring out how to cook properly.
-If you have any food alergens, let us know asap.

Who's game?