Bangalore, India – ACX Meetups Everywhere 2021

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Anirudh Badri
Aditya Desai
Can't Go

This year's ACX Meetup everywhere in Bangalore, India.

Location: Cubbon Park band stand – ///firework.corkscrew.shelter


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Hi all, we are considering switching to a virtual session to meet a larger group of ACX readers on 16 September. If interested, please contact Nihal. (See comments)

If you have RSVP'D to the event, please do check if it's still scheduled before attending by contacting me.

Correction - The meetup is on 19th at 4PM. 

You can DM me if you're interested

Meeting link for tomorrow's meetup -
Kindly DM/Email me before joining. 

Hi, a newbie here, it’s nice to know that we have a regular meet-up nearby. I’ll surely join you guys sometime. Is there a remote option to this meet-up ?

Yes, we have moved this meetup online. It's on 19 September at 16:00. Please contact Nihal M for more details.

Reminder that the existing Bangalore meetup group is still active with monthly online meetups. You can join them by contacting me. 


Hey Nihal I'm from Bangalore what exactly happens in the meetups like what do you guys discuss .Good to know that the group is active :)

Hi Tejas, 

We meetup once a month, discuss the latest scott's essay or an older one. Sometimes we discuss stuff from Lesswrong or the adjacent blogosphere. Occasionally we read essays in the session itself, or have a casual conversation about current affairs with an ACX/LW POV. 

Thats super cool Nihal.Keep me in the loop regarding the meetups will try to attend the ones happening in the near future ,Are you active in the LW community from a long time ?I used to attend these effective altruism meetups that were happening around 4 years ago thats how I got to know about the LW community 

The EA group is active in bangalore as well AFAIK, one of the organizers attends the SSC meetup semi-regularly. The SSC group has been meeting regularly since 2018 when we discovered each other through the 2018 meetups everywhere post. 

You can DM me with your email address, and I'll add you to the mailing list and also share a signal invite link for chat.