The chat will happen on the Cryosphere discord channel:

Start time:

  • 8:00 PT
  • 11:00 EDT / AST
  • 18:00 Moscow time

Event lasts 3 hours. You can join only for part of the event.

Send me your Gmail address to be invited to the recurrent Google Calendar event.

On each Sundays of April (so April 4, 11, 18, 25), we will gather to work on our respective biostasis/cryonics, lifelogging as life extension, and/or death-focus ethics projects.

Focusmate is an event format where we take a few minutes to share what we'll work on, and then all work at the same time, but without talking; and at the end we report back on the progress we made. It can help get things done.

I particularly invite people that want to make progress on signing up for cryonics:

  • deciding whether we want to sign up for cryonics
  • making a plan for when to sign up for cryonics (if not now)
  • making progress towards being signed up for cryonics

I've helped multiple people with that process, and I will be there to answer people's questions by text. Why by text?

  • because I will document the answers one the Biostasis Wiki
  • to avoid distracting others

Note: This event is lifelogging-friendly (ie. participants are welcomed to record it, but for their personal use only).

Relevant Facebook groups:


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