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that's awesome; thanks for letting me know :)

i'd be curious to know how the first event went if you're inclined to share ☺

cars won't replace horses, horses with cars will

from ChatGPT

Sounds like a fun challenge! Here are 50 ways 

to send something to the moon:

1. Catapult
2. Giant crossbow
3. Balloon with an endless supply of helium
4. A giant seesaw
5. Sky elevator
6. Beam of light (if the object can ride light)
7. Teleportation device
8. Moon magnet
9. Whale blowhole
10. Bubble with a perfect vacuum inside
11. Tornado creator
12. Inflatable space tube
13. A jump by the Hulk
14. Sonic boom from a supersonic plane
15. Floating on a cloud machine
16. Warp drive
17. Ice cannon
18. Rocket rollercoaster
19. A super springboard
20. Fling via a giant trebuchet
21. Antigravity boots
22. Pneumatic tube system
23. Ride on a meteor
24. Build stairs to the moon
25. Giant hamster wheel that propels forward
26. Human pyramid
27. Bounce house to the moon
28. A moon hook and pull system
29. Jetpack
30. Superfast elevator
31. A gigantic yo-yo system
32. Umbrella carried by solar winds
33. Giant's throw
34. Rocket sneakers
35. Bungee cord to the moon
36. Space swing set
37. Moon vacuum
38. Space surfboard
39. Massive drone
40. Launch via space trebuchet
41. Space pogo stick
42. Inflatable space mountain
43. Magnetic repulsion system
44. Time travel to when the moon was closer
45. Huge space slingshot
46. Giant space slinky
47. An extremely powerful fan
48. A chain of trampolines
49. Magic carpet
50. Use a giant's bow and arrow

topics: AI, sociology

thought/hypothesis: when tech is able to create brains/bodies as good or better than ours, it will change our perception of ourselves: we won't be in a separate magistra from our tools anymore. maybe people will see humans as less sacred, and value life less. if you're constantly using, modifying, copying, deleting, enslaving AI minds (even AI minds that have a human-like interface), maybe people will become more okay doing that to human minds as well.

(which seems like it would be harmful for the purpose of reducing death)

I'm surprised this has this many upvotes. You're taking the person that contributed the most to warning humanity about AI x-risks, and are saying what you think they could have done better in what comes across as blamy to me. If you're blaming zir, you should probably blame everyone. I'd much rather if you wrote what people could have done in general rather than targeting one of the best contributors.

ok that's fair yeah! thanks for your reply. I'm guessing a lot of those historical quotes are also taking out of context actually.

you know those lists about historical examples of notable people mistakenly saying that some tech will not be useful (for example)

Elon Musk saying that VR is just a TV on your nose will probably become one of those ^^

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