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Dave M

Join us for our monthly Change-Makers Unite meetup!

The purpose of our monthly meetups is

  • to increase understanding of Effective Altruism ideas among interested people in the Houston area
  • to welcome newcomers to the Houston Effective Altruism community
  • to foster connections and relationships among like-minded individuals.

Where to find us / Parking info

Location: Empire Cafe, 1732 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098, USA

Parking info: Empire Cafe has its own parking lot attached to the building.

How to find us: Search the tables on the outside patio for a table with a sign that says "Houston Effective Altruism". 

Event format and structure:

  • Our friendly host will welcome everyone and share announcements at the beginning of the event.
  • Enjoy a 10-20 minute presentation on an interesting article or idea related to effective altruism.
  • After the presentation, the host will start a group discussion by posing a thought-provoking question for everyone to answer. We'll sit in a circle and have a free-flowing conversation.
  • The host will keep the discussion going by asking more questions as needed for about an hour.
  • At 3:30pm, the host will wrap up the group discussion and ask for feedback. You're welcome to stay and mingle with other attendees informally for as long as you like.

We hope to see you at our next event!



We're a community of people who use careful reasoning and evidence-based approaches to do good in the world.
This group is based on effective altruism, which is both a philosophy and a worldwide movement of thousands of people using evidence and careful reasoning to each do the most good we can do for humanity and future generations.
Anyone and everyone who cares about doing good or wants to learn more about the effective altruism philosophy is welcome to join our community!
We'll host regular social meetups in the greater Houston area (and virtually), volunteering events, and speaker events in collaboration with student groups at the University of Houston and Rice University.


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