Slatestarcodex Meetup in Hamburg, Germany

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There will be a SCC meetup in Hamburg!

This is part of the SSC Meetups Everywhere series.

Date and time: Saturday 21th of September, 5 PM to about 10 PM
Location: troy office, Maienweg 310, 22335 Hamburg, Germany.
Contact: gunnar.zarncke <youknowwhat>

We are meeting in the small company office of the fintech startup troy in the 4th floor. Just ring at “troy”. Depending on the weather we can sit on our nice balcony. It would be nice if guests could bring blankets. This is not an official company event but privately organized. Some food and drinks might be provided, but I’d appreciate if you contribute.

There will be some prepared ice breakers and discussion topics, but you are free to contribute or just meet and talk.

I have previously organized LessWrong meetups in Hamburg in 2014 and 2015, see e.g. here but stopped running them. I attended and liked the Berlin LessWrong/SSC meetups. At the very least I will try to get some previous LW attendees to come. This meetup might be a step to restart the community in Hamburg.

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